Little Explorers’ Events: 2010-2023

Sri Lanka, a multi cultural nation has several festivals through the year. At “Little Explorers” we celebrate as many of these as possible every school term. In January, the Hindu festival of Thai Pongal is depicted in a simple way, followed by Independence Day on 4th February. Before the first term ends, we have Easter and Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrations as well. In May, it is Vesak and so on, ending the year with Christmas festivities.

We are also pleased that in these past years, we have done some “stage productions” and held arts and crafts exhibitions by the students. Getting into costume, reciting their lines, and acting out their roles has helped build their confidence, improve their speech and in general, helped in their growth and development. Given below is a list of the events held in the past years.

Visit to independence square

October 2023 – World Animal Day

The children had the opportunity of bringing their pets to school.  We had a visiting Veterinary Surgeon, Dr Dayani Siriwardane from Pet Vet clinic who spoke to the children about taking care of their pet Cats, Chicken, Fish, Guinea Pigs, Turtles and Dogs. They also learnt the importance of being kind to animals.

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October 2023 – Children’s Day and Elders Day

It was indeed a joy for children to bring their maternal and paternal grandparents to school.  They enjoyed a time of fun and games together.  The children also performed two action songs “You are my Sunshine” and “Teddy Bear Twist” for their elders.

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August 2023 – Field Trip to Diyasaru Wetlands Park

The children had a fun morning which started with a ride on a double decker bus and began a walking tour through the wetlands. The children saw a variety of Plants, Butterflies, Dragon flies, Fish, Birds, a Water Monitor and even a Water Snake! They saw pictures and cement structures of nocturnal animals that are seen in the […]

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July 2023 – Hajj

The Muslim children came dressed in their traditional clothes and presented a Show and Tell session for their friends talking about the Hajj festival. This was followed by a typical “Eid table” that was enjoyed by all the children.

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June 2023 – Fathers’ Day

We celebrated Fathers’ Day at school by inviting the children to come along with their fathers to school. They had a fun time working in their classrooms and making crafts. The children together with their fathers engaged in doing fun games such as “passing the cushion” and “dressing dada for work”. The children ended this […]

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October 2022 – World Animal Day

We spoke about being kind to animals, the types of animals we can pet and the animals we cannot pet, how to pet an animal (gently, without pulling ears etc.), and the little things we can do to protect animals. We also spoke about how some dogs do not have homes and people feed them. The children enjoyed […]

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Field trip to Keells Super, Borella

November 2019 – Field Trip to a Supermarket

The “third years” were taken to “Keells Super” Borella. The children brought their own bags from home as they had been spoken to about the importance of reducing the use of polythene. They were told they could buy one item for themselves and another for someone else less fortunate. The children walked to the supermarket […]

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