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About Us

About Little Explorers MontessoriLittle Explorers accommodates only a limited number of children to ensure individualized attention to each, using a detailed and carefully structured academic curriculum. Its culture is devoted to helping each child grow towards independence in a safe and caring atmosphere while building confidence, competence, self esteem and respect for others. Our goal is to provide a supportive environment that allows children of a mixed age group to experience together the excitement of learning, while helping to guide them towards independent discovery and an early understanding of abstract reasoning. Children learn in keeping with their interests and abilities at their own unique pace in an inclusive environment.

The child works in bright and cheerful classrooms equipped with recommended Montessori material of the best quality. He develops a variety of social and academic skills which will prepare him to enter the mainstream of primary education.

Appreciation of music and art, nature and caring for the environment are all part of our curriculum at Little Explorers.