Sanchita Karunaratne

I was educated at St Bridget’s Convent Colombo 7 and returned there to follow the AMI Diploma in Montessori Education in 2003, at the Good Shepherd Maria Montessori Training Centre. Completing the course while caring for my 2 children, Sheal 5 years and Shemaiah 2 years at the time was quite a challenge! However, having accomplished that feat, I went on to gain more practical Montessori teaching experience and joined an AMI affiliated Montessori House of Children where I worked for 4 years.

To further my education in teaching, I obtained a BSc in Teaching Technology from the Sikkim Manipal University of India.

During these years spent with, and around little children, I have realised that no two children are alike. Some times even twins can differ in personality. There are children who may not be as quick walking, talking etc as other children the same age. To be able to accommodate and understand their needs deeper, I followed a course in Special Needs Education and obtained a Diploma from the Ladies College Vocation Training Centre.

At Little Explorers children find a home away from home.

Sanchita Karunaratne
The Founder and Directress of Little Explorers


Sanchita Karunaratne

Our Team of Professionals

Gayangi Liyanage

Gayangi Liyanage

Aunty Gayangi joined Little Explorers in November 2020 after ten years of teaching Pre-school as well as Primary School students at Asian International School. Learn more »

Shahama Kamil

Aunty Shahama, a parent who entrusted her son to our care in 2012, joined our team of Montessori teachers in 2022. Shahama has 8 ½ years of teaching experience from The Little Flowers AMI Montessori House of Children. Learn more »

Khatija Kassim

Khatija Kassim

Aunty Khatija joined us in August 2020, freshly graduated from the AMI Diploma Course. She has since obtained a Certificate in Personality Development Psychology and a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. She is multilingual having learnt Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati and Basic Tamil. She has been an Album Reader at the Good Shepherd Training Centre Colombo since 2021. Learn more »

Piumi Wijesinghe

Aunty Piumi joined us in January 2022. She has interests in Human Resource Management , having gained some experience working in this field prior to embarking on her teaching career. Learn more »

Nuwakshi Perera

Aunty Nuwakshi is our latest recruit to the Montessori team of teachers, having graduated in May this year. In addition to her Montessori diploma she has qualifications in Elocution, Music and Speech and Drama. She is a talented singer and has interests in fashion designing. Learn more »

Toddler Class


Aunty Medhavi joined us in September 2022, having had work experience from two Montessori schools on completion of the Montessori course. (Great Beginnings Montessori (2014-2015) and Little VIP’s AMI Montessori House of Children (2015 -2017). Medhavi apart from being interested in hair and beauty culture, is talented in Paper Tolling. Learn more »

Raemanthi Perera

Aunty Raemanthi is the youngest member of our staff, she is musically talented and plays the piano for the children when the regular teacher is not available. Learn more »

Special Education

Menaka Perera

Menaka Perera

Aunty Menaka joined us in October 2016. She has experience having worked as a Learning Support Teacher at “Room to Bloom” and at “Avakasha Kendraya”. Learn more »

Sujitha Dissanayake

Aunty Sujitha joined us as a shadow teacher in 2022 and in April 2023 joined our team of Special Educators. Sujitha has prior experience working as a Shadow Teacher at ABC Preschool (2019). Learn more »

Lasni Gonaduwa

Aunty Lasni joined our team of Special Educators in December 2022. She is qualified in Special Needs Education and Computer System Design and talented in drawing. She has experience working and lecturing in the computer field (1994 to 2009) and teaching computer to children with learning disabilities. Learn more »

Learning Support

Pavithra Wijeratne

Aunty Pavithra has taught dancing to the children of Little Explorers since 2020. During the Covid Pandemic she conducted online sessions to keep the children active and engaged. In May 2022 Pavithra joined our team of Learning Support Staff. She is a visiting lecturer at the University of Visual & Performing Arts, Colombo. Learn more »

What We Offer

Montessori education

Montessori Education

Ages 2 ½ to 5 years

Montessori education is an approach to life rather than an approach to education alone.

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Toddler education, Colombo Sri Lanka

Toddler Education

Ages 1 ½ to 2 ½ years

The toddler aged child is like a sponge, absorbing knowledge from his environment rapidly and effortlessly.

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After Care

Ages 2 ½ years upwards

Specially designed to facilitate children of working parents.

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What Parents say:

Brilliant place for global development and enjoying childhood

We were very pleased with Little Explorers and have absolutely no second thoughts in recommending it to anyone.

Maulee & Buddhi

Homely, safe, and stimulating

Sanchita and her dedicated team made every effort to make Little Explorers a homely, safe, and stimulating environment for my daughter…


Wonderful experience

Such a lovely place filled with warmth and love just like home.



Best Decision

The decision to enroll our daughter to the Little Explorers at a tender age of 1.8 years was one of the best decisions we made on her behalf!

Deserie Atukorala


I was impressed by the cleanliness and the neatness of the premises and the garden that would provide physical grooming for the young kids for their overall development.



Our little girl blossomed in many different fields

We are ever grateful to Little Explorers family for making our child who she is now.

Iranga and Anusha

Individual Attention

The team at Little Explorers provides individual attention to each and every student. They knows how to identify the talent of each and every child, and develop them accordingly.

Kushan and Laleema Dodanwala