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Little Explorers' Events: 2010-2020

Sri Lanka, a multi cultural nation has several festivals through the year. At "Little Explorers" we celebrate as many of these as possible every school term. In January, the Hindu festival of Thai Pongal is depicted in a simple way, followed by Independence Day on 4th February. Before the first term ends, we have Easter and Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrations as well. In May, it is Vesak and so on, ending the year with Christmas festivities.

We are also pleased that in these past ten years, we have done some "stage productions" and held arts and crafts exhibitions by the students. Getting into costume, reciting their lines, and acting out their roles has helped build their confidence, improve their speech and in general, helped in their growth and development. Given below is a list of the events held in the past ten years.

November 2019 - Field Trip to a Supermarket

Field Trip to Keells Super BorellaThe “third years” were taken to “Keells Super” Borella. The children brought their own bags from home as they had been spoken to about the importance of reducing the use of polythene. They were told they could buy one item for themselves and another for someone else less. The children walked to the supermarket from the school premises. They picked a basket each and enjoyed walking down the aisles picking items of their choice. It gave the children a sense of pride to take their items to the counter and pay for them.

Field Trip to Keells Super Borella

October 2019 – World Animal Day – Theme “Protect the Elephants”

Animal Day 2019 Protect the ElephantsThis year our main focus was on helping the children understand the importance of protecting Elephants. The day was dedicated to this purpose. The children were taught the difference between pet and wild animals and where they live. They were made to understand how we should be kind to our pets and handle them with care and gentleness.

<img src=They learnt about Endangered animals, the importance of protecting these animals and the environment in which they live. To emphasise the importance of protecting their environment, the book ‘Little Helpers’ was read during library time to the children. We spoke in particular about protecting the Elephants of Sri Lanka, how it is wrong to chain or make them walk in parades and that they should be left free to roam in the wild. The children also engaged in making an Elephant pencil holder with recycled material. In appreciation of all animals, the children sang all the animal songs they have learnt over the years and enjoyed “walking on the line” using animal movements.

August 2019 – “All Kinds of Everything 2019”

The event was held at the Bishops College Auditorium. The youngest children aged 21/2 sang songs with actions, played musical instruments to keep the audience enthralled. The older children aged 4 to 51/2 years, each took part in a dance item and a skit. The skits were in English and Sinhala.

December 2018 – “Christmas at Little Explorers”

Christmas 2018

Children of all ages took part in “Christmas at Little Explorers”. The toddlers began the programme by playing musical instruments, followed by the first years who sang for us.

The second and third years sang, danced and enacted the story of the Birth of Jesus Christ. The children were all in costume and appropriate props were used to create the different scenes.

In this era of consumerism we try to teach the children the true meaning of Christmas.

October 2018 – World Animal Day

World Animal Day 2018

For Animals’ Day this year, the children printed t-shirts with images of animals. They were given stencils of different animals to choose from and used a brush and paint to print the animal of their choice on a white t-shirt. On Animals’ Day, the children proudly wore the t-shirts they themselves had made.

It is necessary to foster love and respect for all living things, especially the animals around us.

September 2018 – “Elders Day and Children's Day”

Elders Day and Children's Day

The children brought their grandparents or an elderly relative to school to celebrate this special day. They enjoyed getting to know each other’s grandparents. There was also fun and games on the programme. The Grandparents enjoyed picking out the baby photo of their grandchild, mounted among photos of the other children. They played a game of “Passing the Parcel”, after which the children sang the song titled, “I Love You” to their grandparents and presented them with hearts which they, themselves had made. Finally, they enjoyed a snack together. The children experienced the love their elders have for them and how important it is to love and respect them in return and to help them when they can.

August 2018 – “A Sri Lankan Museum”

A Sri Lankan Museum” – Art and Craft Exhibition

The children were divided into their age groups (Toddlers, First, Second and Third Years) for this exhibition. They spent the second term preparing for the exhibition which was held at the Lionel Wendt on 1st and 2nd August ‘18. The history of Sri Lanka was recreated with handicrafts and paintings, all produced by the children under the guidance of their teachers. Cultural pageants, ethnic jewellery and artifacts through the ages were on display. Early civilization and rural village life were also depicted here. The exhibition portrayed Sri Lankan culture and civilization, which children living in Colombo do not experience enough of, sometimes.

March 2018 – Field trip to Water World, Kelaniya

Water World

July 2017 – “All Kinds of Everything 2017”

March 2017 - visit the Naval Ship “Samudra”

It was a great opportunity for us at Little Explorers to be able visit the Naval Ship “Samudra”.  The children enjoyed visiting the various parts of the ship and having a snack on board.

December  2016 – Nativity of Christ’s Birth

We presented a nativity of Christ’s Birth in our very own premises.  While the toddlers played instruments to Christmas songs, the older children sang, dance and narrated the Birth of Jesus Christ.

August 2016 - Art and Craft Exhibition – “We Promise to take care of our earth”

Themed “We Promise to Take Care of Our Earth”, the art and crafts exhibition of Little Explorers AMI Montessori House of Children was held on the 1st and 2nd of August 2016 at the Lionel Wendt. In addition to the individual paintings and crafts by the children, aged 1 ½ to 5 years old, they also collaborated to create group paintings, which were auctioned at the exhibition in aid of causes related to environmental conservation in Sri Lanka. All the paintings depicted sea life, insects, endangered birds and animals as well as environmentally friendly and harmful actions. The crafts were created using throw-away material collected by the children. Learning about the environment, conservation and the importance of recycling went hand-in-hand, for the children, with preparing for the exhibition.

The proceeds of the large paintings auctioned were used to purchase heating lamps for the elephant calves brought to the transit home in Uda Walawe.

April 2016 - Speech and Language Development in Children

A Talk on Speech and Language Development in Children was held in our premises for parents.  The guest speakers at this programme were:

Dinushee Atapattu Bakmeewewa
BASLP. Audiology & Speech- Language Pathology (India),
MSc. Speech- Language Pathology (UK)
Consultant Speech-Language Pathologist/Therapist & Lecturer
Department of Disability Studies,
Faculty of Medicine
University of Kelaniya

Bandini Jayasena
BASLP. Audiology & Speech- Language Pathology (India),
Dip in Psych (SL)
Consultant Audiologist & Lecturer
Department of Disability Studies,
Faculty of Medicine
University of Kelaniya

Samantha Van Eyck
BSc. Speech Sciences
Consultant Speech-Language Pathologist/Therapist
Director, Jelly Bean Foundation

June 2015 - "All Kinds of Everything 2015"

Once again the childrens’ acting, dancing and singing skills were seen when we presented “All Kinds of Everything 2015”.  Some of the highlights of the production were “Andare’s  Story”.

2015 – March 2015 – Visit to Ape Gama

The “Colombo City Tour” bus was hired and the children made their way from Vihara Maha Devi Park to Ape Gama.  They enjoyed a walking tour of “Ape Gama”, also having the opportunity of experiencing local handy crafts being made.  The children also watched the preparation of local sweet meats and had the opportunity of tasting them too.

December 2014 - “The Christmas Nativity”

Christmas Nativity 2015

Christmas Nativity 2015

Children from the ages of 1 ½ years to five years, each played a part in the nativity. The older children narrated and sang the story of Jesus’ birth and the events that followed, while the younger children acted out the different parts. The children also sang Christmas carols, some solo and some in groups, to entertain their parents.

November 2014 - Visit to Paan Paan Bakery

Visit ot Paan Paan Bakery

Visit to Paan Paan Bakery

The children were taken on a field visit to Paan Paan Bakery. They had an eventful morning learning to knead bread, make bread and assorted buns. They also baked their own bread and buns and took it home.

In the news... Little Explorers in the news...

October 2014 - “Natural Habitats” an Art and Craft Exhibition

We chose the following habitats - Dessert, Rainforest, Grassland – temperate grassland and tropical grassland (Savanah), Tundra and Saltwater habitat.

"Natural Habitats" Art Exhibition

"Natural Habitats" Art Exhibition

The children showcased their natural artistic talents in drawing, painting and sculpting the exhibits depicting each habitat. The children began learning the characteristics of the above habitats in the months preceding the exhibition. They learnt about the animals that live in each one , about the different plants that grow in each habitat as well as the different parts of the world where these habitats are found.

The “seniors” or third year students were able to describe to the visitors, in their own words, the displays and what they depicted. Again, this time, six large group paintings, were auctioned and the proceeds donated to the “Kithulampitiya ” Children’s orphanage in Galle.

March 2014 - Talk on Nutrition

On 21st March 2014, CIC Ltd arranged a talk on nutrition. Mrs Harshini Meegahawatte from Durdans Hospital conducted an informative talk and question and answer session on healthy eating, poor eaters and also the causes of obesity. Parents and guardians were invited to attend this programme.

February 2014 - Visit to Independence Square

Visit to Independence Square

Visit to Independence Square

November 2013 –A Visit to the planetarium to learn about the solar system

During the days preceding the visit the children had learned about the planets etc. They knew the names of each planet appearing overhead in the Planetarium. This was yet another little adventure enjoyed by them outside the Montessori environment.

July 2013 –“All Kinds of Everything”

As the title suggests, it was a morning of variety entertainment.

The many months of learning dance steps, lyrics, lines, playing to the correct beat etc. culminated in “All Kinds of Everything” on 27th July. For this production too, we hired a hall at a convenient location. The program included a Tamil dance item, the folk story, “Mahadana Muttha and his five disciples”, a skit titled “The Last Elephant of Wanaraja” emphasizing the need for elephant conservation in Sri Lanka in present times, and a few other musical items in English, Tamil and Sinhala.

All Kinds of Everything All Kinds of Everything All kinds of Everything

March 2013 – Health and well-being – the importance of brushing your teeth

One of the parents, an eminent Doctor in the Health Services, took time off his busy schedule to come in and explain to the children the importance of dental care, using pictures and other props.

Health and well being

February 2013 - Independence Day at Independence Square, Colombo

A short trip down to Independence Square with each child in National dress waving the flag he/she had made. We had a picnic on the green there.

Visit to Independence Square

September 2012 - “Our World” An exhibition of Art and Craft

Paintings and handicraft depicting the seven continents, created by the children were on display. The children wore the different national dresses of the countries. A few paintings were auctioned at the end of the exhibition, and the proceeds were donated to a children’s pre-school in Vavuniya.

Our World Art and Craft exhibition Our World Art and Craft Exhibition Our World Art and Craft Exhibition

March 2012 – A visit to Guruge Nature park in Ja-ela

For this excursion we hired a bus. One parent accompanied each child. At the park there were colorful birds, an elephant and a few other animals. The children enjoyed their day out and picnic on the premises. A dinosaur park was one of the attractions.

Vitist to Guruge Nature Park Visit to Guruge Nature Park Visit to guruge nature park

December 2011 – “The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Little Things”

For the first time we hired a hall to accommodate family members and friends, with a proper stage and sound system etc. The children acted out the story of the hungry caterpillar followed by a few musical items such as “Farmer in the Dell”.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar The very hungry caterpillar and other little things

December 2010 - “The story of Christmas”

"The story of Christmas" - a nativity play in which each child played a part. It was an enjoyable and valuable learning experience for them.

Nativity 2010 Nativity 2010

July 2010 – “Help us save them”

"Help us save them" was our first production in which each child took the part of an endangered animal. It was an exercise to teach them the importance of helping to save the endangered species from becoming extinct and also preserving the environment. We chose five animals (Siberian Tiger, Elephant, Humpback Whale, Giant Panda and the Spider Monkey). They had the opportunity of performing to an audience of parents and friends.

Help us save them Help us save them 'Help us save them' 021