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Montessori Education

Age group:  2 ½ to 5 years
Hours: 8am – 12 noon

Maria MontessoriMontessori education is an approach to life rather than an approach to education alone. If the attributes listed below are what you would wish for your child, then the Montessori method is for you and Little Explorers is definitely the place for your child to take his first steps in education.

  • Awakening the child’s spirit and imagination
  • Encouraging his normal desire for independence and high sense of self-esteem
  • Development of kindness, courtesy and self discipline that will allow him to become a fully fledged member of society.
  • Helping him learn how to observe, question and explore ideas independently
  • And, having created a spirit of joyful learning, helping him to master the skills and knowledge of his society.

We warmly invite you to visit and observe the children at work and play. Please feel free to contact us for an appointment.