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Observing Yenali's progress throughout her time at Little Explorers was fascinating to say the least.

Today she is a confident, expressive & immensely imaginative 4 year old thanks to your hard work & dedication for which my wife and I are truly thankful for. Her behavior & skills at her age are admirable and we look forward with great interest as to how she progresses onwards now that she has moved on.

Thank you and your team so much for all that you have done.
Date of Posting: 12 September 2013
Posted By: Shiraj
Marc started attending Little Explorers when he was just 2 years old. I must say that Sanchitha and her team are truly amazing and efficient. The Montessori in itself is set in a wonderful and pleasing environment. The toilet facility I must say is excellent! And also the apparatus that is used by the children is fantastic and extremely well maintained.

The kids enjoy a variety of play in the garden which is lovely and very child friendly! The 3 years that Marc spent at Little Explorers has made him a confident little boy and very much ready for School.

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Sanchitha and the team for all the hard work and time they give each child. So that each Little Explorer achieves their full potential ready to explore the world.
Date of Posting: 17 August 2013
Posted By: Niki Wijesinghe
I have been meaning to write this review for a long time and finally got the time to sit down and put my thoughts together.

Around September of 2011 my husband and I went around Colombo scoping the pre schools that we might put our little Anika in, beginning January of 2012. We looked at schools that were well established- that had years of experience to schools that had opened up more recently. My perception of most of the schools was that they were either wayyyyyy over crowded or the hygiene factor was a major concern. In more than one establishment I was greeted by a swam of mosquitoes and having recently relocated from the states this was quite a concern for me. Also it seemed to me, that most of the more “established “ organizations were simply moneymaking ventures rather than schools that were focused on the education of a child. Needless to say that none of these places appealed to me at all. It was almost mid November and I was getting quite worried for not having settled on a place yet when in conversation with a friend from church, I heard about Little Explorers.

Later that week my husband and I decided to take a tour. From the first moment that we entered Little Explorers my heart began to soar. Sanchita was so warm and welcoming, the place was clean, and class sizes were small. There was a perfect size garden (a BIG plus for me) that was well manicured with lots activities set up for the kids. I made a note that there was a piano, which also made me really happy. Just from that first tour, I felt a lot of stress ease of as I knew immediately that I had found the place that anika would be attending. Experience in the past 5 months.

Things I love about Little Explorers-

• Class size- Child to teacher ratio is very small allowing individual attention for each child.

• Anika absolutely LOVES school. I can’t emphasize this hard enough. Infact every Saturday she tells me without fail “mama… I haven’t gone to school in a LONNNGGGGGGG time…. “ We have had a few melt downs on poyas when she wasn’t “taken“ to school… LOL

• The monthly progress reports- explaining in detail Anika’s progress in terms of what has been thought and how she interacts etc.

• Monthly e-mail notifications as to what to expect for the month following in terms of events, show –and tell days, etc. This helps me get organized

• LOVES the fact that they already had a field trip. 20 kids (each with a parent as a chaperone) were loaded on a bus and taken to a mini zoo in Jayela and we parents got to see first hand how marvelous the teachers were at interacting and keeping the kids in check. Kids absolutely LOVED it.

• Loves that Anika is learning Sinhala songs (most direct translations from the English version- such as itsy bitsy spider etc.) Things Anika loves about her school- when asked

• Aunty Sanchita, Aunty Anushka and Aunty Kathy…

• Circle time

• Play things

• Toys

• Friends

Overall I can’t say enough of how thrilled we are with this school. In just 5 months we see how much Anika has blossomed and how much her vocabulary has improved. I would highly recommend this place.
Date of Posting: 15 June 2012
Posted By: Anushka Weerasingha
Once I decided to put my children in a “school” I looked only at those with the Montessori system as I have always felt that it gave small children a good start in life. When I visited Little Explorers my first impressions were of its small size and impeccable organization. I didn’t need to look further.

What I realized over the several months that my children have been there is how loving and nurturing the Principal and teacher are to their “little children”. I could not have asked for anything more.

My son had to settle in quite a bit and he did it slowly with the caring confidence shown to him at Little Explorers. I was concerned that he should have started Kindergarten in September and Sanchi was willing to work on such a syllabus separately with him. Sanchi’s positivity and devotion to her students is very evident in the way she manages even their off-days. Both the teachers do not compromise on discipline and yet always maintain compassion and kindness. The teachers at Little Explorers have truly helped my children transition very well.

My son is now at Elizabeth Moir School and I am very happy to say he has settled in nicely and is doing well. Much credit is due to Sanchi and Ms. Anushka. Thank you both very much.
Date of Posting: 11 September 2011
Posted By: Mrinalini Ponnambalam
Sanchita, I don't know where to start - I really don't! We, as Anik's parents (my son who was just two at the time), will forever be grateful for all that you, Anushka, and Little Explorers, meant to him, and us! The minute we entered Little Explorers, it reminded us of a safe haven where a child has the freedom to explore, learn and experience at his own pace. The school does not compromise on its low student-to-teacher ratio, which is really wonderful (and so rare!) as it means that the teachers can really focus and observe each child. Also, both Sanchita and Anushka maintain a strong sense of discipline but always, always with kindness.

In just a few days of starting school with Sanchita, Anik went from being a little boy on edge (he cried every single morning at his previous pre-school and didn't want to participate in most activities there), to a two year old who wriggled to be set free from his car seat so that he could run towards the school gate each morning! Anik was an introvert when he started and didn't like socializing much with his peers - I'll never forget how Sanchita never pushed him, never forced him into doing anything he was uncomfortable with but instead, let him lead her at his own pace, quiety encouraging him and guiding him with such a loving hand. She always touched base with us to let us know how he was doing - I could always ask her advice and she'd always have time for me. Just thinking about all the time she made for us is humbling.

I was really torn with regret when I had to take Anik out of Little Explorers after my husband got a job offer overseas. Sanchita made it a point to sit down with me and take me, in detail, over the progress Anik had made upto that point, and what I could continue to do at home, as well as what I should look out for when choosing new schools for Anik. She still keeps in touch with me to find out how Anik is doing. You don't find many people in this world who would go way beyond the call of duty as Sanchita does, and I value this immensely - it touches my heart. I could write more (a lot more!) but what I'd like to end by saying is this - I've never known such genuine concern and unwavering faith as Sanchita has, in a child's ability to conquer all obstacles. I am also yet to meet a teacher who exudes such an unfaltering sense of positivity and optimism in the face of any challenge - it meant the world to me, and Anik, and it still does. Little ones thrive when they know someone believes in them wholeheartedly, and this is exactly what Sanchita and Anushka do! I wish Sanchita, Anushka and Little Explorers the very very best, from the bottom of my heart.
Date of Posting: 18 March 2011
Posted By: Anjali Tennekoon
Before we decided to send our daughters to Little Explorers we visited many preschools but found this one especially to be clean, safe and homely and at the same time a place of learning. The pleasant, caring disposition and attitude of the teachers were a great influence. I can happily say that it was a very good decision. Our girls really enjoyed going to school and learnt many new and interesting things in a fun way. Also we like the fact that the Montessori method practiced at Little Explorers teaches discipline in a loving way from a young age and helps children focus better.

Thank you very much for caring for them the way you did.

Wish you all the best.
Date of Posting: 03 December 2010
Posted By: Gerard and Soraya Ondaatjie
Little explorers was a great experience for my little son who has a mind of his own. There was always something new he looked forward to every week. And most importantly he was happy there. Teachers were very enthusiastic and very concerned about his progress.I wish i could have kept him there longer.
Date of Posting: 15 August 2010
Posted By: Farzana Muhammed
Satchel joined Little Explorers in March of 2010. I moved him from CIS to Little Explorers as I found that he was not enjoying the very academic work at CIS being the youngest for his class at the time. His desire to explore a more tactile world had not been fully satisfied at CIS at the time.

A short stay at Little Explorers has given him so much confidence. This sense of well being within him is immeasurable. He joined as a little scared boy, whose enthusiasm for exploring had been diminished by the demands of academic work beyond his ability and two terms later he left Little Explorers a beaming confident child with a “can do” attitude about life.

I have to credit Little Explorers Head teacher Sanchita and her team for all the love, attention and dedication she gives her students. Sanchita has ignited the flame of learning in Satchel, a gift that he will have forever.

Thank you.
Date of Posting: 05 August 2010
Posted By: Shobana Barnes Cooke

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